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Yankee Stadium Boxing Revives as Foreman Defends Belt » Yuri Foreman says he sees no contradiction in being a religious scholar and a world-class boxer… Mason Levinson,

In Former Champion Cotto, Steward Sees Room For Improvement »  NEW YORK— The black SUV eased around a corner and settled into spot just in front of the Trinity Boxing Club. First out of the car was Miguel Cotto, the ex-welterweight king wearing a familiar Puerto Rican colored jacket and even more familiar cool expression. Trailing him is his longtime friend and PR boss Bryan Perez, a Big Punisher lookalike whose sheer size suggests he doesn’t share the rippled Cotto’s love for workouts. Alongside him Joe Santiago, Cotto’s longtime cornerman and one-time trainer who counts himself as one of Cotto’s most trusted advisors. The last man out of the car is not so familiar; at least not with Team Cotto. Emanuel Steward has built a brilliant career as one of boxing’s best trainers, having worked with past legends like Tommy Hearns and Lennox Lewis to current champions like Wladimir Klitschko… Chris Mannix,

Checking In With Andre Ward Ahead Of Allan Green Clash » On Thursday, TSS took a nice drive through Oakland and ended up at Kings Gym to watch Andre Ward train for his upcoming showdown against Allan Green on June 19th. Ward was fresh off of a 13 round sparring session when I got ahold of him… Raymond Markarian,

Photos: Cotto/Foreman by Chris Farina; Ward by Howard Schatz


Esteemed trainer/manager and HBO commentator Emanuel Steward stopped by Howard Schatz’s studio last week for his photo/boxing book project. Howard is pleased to share with you this portrait of the man with the “golden touch.” See Howard’s galleries here » 

© Howard Schatz for Sports Illustrated (6/13/09)

“…a smashing success,” says Emanuel Steward

Mark Scoop Malinowski’s Heavyweight Armageddon: The Tyson-Lewis Championship Battle takes an inside look into one of the biggest money fights in boxing history – the Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson battle for the World Heavyweight Championship in Memphis in 2002. Loaded with inside information, interviews, little-known anecdotes and much, much more, this book tells the full story about how the fight built up for almost two decades and, in the end, how the force of good ultimately overcame and conquered the threat of evil. Excerpts »

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